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Top 10 dive destination in the World

Drift through an underwater paradise and witness Gigantic coral formations standing tall above the Abyss. It is no accident why Cozumel is one of the top ten dive destinations in the World.

Cozumel is the largest island in Mexico, at 64 km long and 16 km wide.

Made famous by Captain JY Cousteau in 1954, the island of Cozumel has become a cult destination for divers from all over the World.


The dives are drift, However the reefs are suitable for all levels of diver. So needless to resist the current. Just let yourself go and  enjoy the splendor of the flora and fauna of Cozumel’s Caribbean waters. Turtles, Sharks, Moray eels, Lobsters, Crabs, Barracuda, Seahorse and Nudibrach’s can all be found. Huge sea fans, sponges and corals cover this underwater tropical rainforest, and the colors will mesmerize from each end of the Rainbow.

We’ll take you to two of  the  top  iconic walls and reefs of Cozumel: Palancar, Santa Rosa, Colombia, San Francisco, Yucab and Paso Del Cedral…

Dive Cozumel

  1. Barracuda (90ft+)
  2. San Juan (90ft+)
  3. Cantarel (90ft+)
  4. Villa Blanca (60ft)
  5. Paradise (40ft)
  6. Las Palmas (60ft)
  7. Chankanaab (40ft)
  8. Tormentos (75ft)
  9. Yucab (55ft)
  10. Punta Tunich (55ft+)
  11. San Francisco (40ft+)
  12. Santa Rosa (55ft+)
  13. Paso Del Cedral (55ft+)
  14. La Francesa (40ft+)
  15. Punta Dalila (40ft+)
  16. Palancar Gardens (40ft+)
  17. Palancar Horseshoe (30ft+)
  18. Palancar Caves (60ft+)
  19. Palancar Bricks (60ft+)
  20. Columbia (60ft+)
  21. Punta Sur – Devils Throat (130ft)
  22. Punta Sur – The Cathedral (100ft+)
  23. Chun Chacab (100ft+)
  24. Maracaibo (100ft+)

By Ferry:

8am – 5pm

  • 8:00am: Meeting point at the diving center to check equipment
  • 08:10am: Departure by transportation to take the ferry
  • 09:00: Ferry to Cozumel
  • 10:00: Arrival at Cozumel
  • 10:00am – 3:30pm: 2 dives with lunch on boat during surface interval
  • 4:00pm: Return on Playa del Carmen by Ferry
  • 5:00pm Arrival at the dive center


By Speed ​​Boat:

8am – 2pm

  • 8:00am: Meeting point at the diving center to check your equipment
  • 8:10am: Departure by car to take the direction of the boat
  • 8:30am: Departure diving on the sites of Cozumel (journey time 40 min)
  • 9:15am – 1:00pm: 2 dives with snacks on boat during surface interval
  • 2:00pm: Arrival at dive center in Playa del Carmen


  • 1 Instructor to 4/5 certified divers max

Scuba Diver’s:

Can dive to a maximum 12m / 40ft

Open Water Divers:

Can dive to a maximum 18m / 60ft

Advanced Divers:

Can dive to a maximum 40m / 130ft

Subject to experience level

  • 2 ocean dives in Cozumel
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Water and snacks between the dives

Rental Equipment:

  • BCD ($5 USD)
  • Regulator ($5 USD)
  • Wetsuit ($5 USD)
  • Full Set ($15 USD)


  • Towels
  • Swim suit



  • Depth (m): 7 – 30m+
  • Depth (ft): 22 – 100ft+
  • Dive Time: 45 – 65min
  • Type of Dive: Drift/Wall
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium

There is a reason why the Palancar reefs are known to be the favorites of J Y Cousteau. Consisting of Palancar Gardens, Palancar Horseshoe and Palancar Cave’s. Here you will find, enormous coral formations, hanging over the abyss, decorated with gigantic sponges. Everywhere you look you will find huge canyons and massive swim through’s piercing all the way along this Mesoamerican reef.

Marine life here is plentiful, from Nudibranch’s, Turtles, Sharks and colorful tropical fish dancing all over the reef crest


  • Depth (m): 12 – 30m+
  • Depth (ft): 40 – 100ft+
  • Dive Time: 40 -60min
  • Type of Dive: Drift/Wall
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium

As you continue south from Palancar, the reef begins to merge into the Columbia reef system.

Columbia consists of two main reef’s. Columbia Ladrillos and Columbia Deep. Each of these reef’s are colossal in size.

Enormous canyons and tunnels carve their way through pinnacles, the size of three and four stores buildings. Gigantic sponges and reef fauna cover the reef from top to bottom. Turtles are usually a common sight, as well as Eagle Rays, Lobsters and Sharks


  • Depth (m): 11 – 30m+
  • Depth (ft): 36 – 100ft+
  • Dive Time: 45 – 65min
  • Type of Dive: Drift/Wall
  • Difficulty: Medium

Paso Del Cedral, is comprised of two reef’s located at the beginning of the southern end of Cozumel.

The beginning of Cedral Wall 11 – 30m+ ( 36 – 100+ft), consists of rolling hills covered with soft corals and fauna. At the back end you will see large coral formations where it is possible to find large turtles, Green moray eel’s and sleeping Nurse Sharks.

Cedral Shallow 11 – 16m (36 – 52ft), is a photographer’s dream. Here you can find pretty much find everything. Various Species of Nudibranch, Seahorse, Scorpion Fish to the Splendid Toad Fish large Turtles, Barracuda, Eagle Rays and Nurse sharks.

The Cedral’s are by far the best dive sites for Cozumel’s tropical Caribbean marine life


  • Depth (m): 16 – 30m+
  • Depth (ft): 52 – 100ft+
  • Dive Time: 40 – 55min
  • Type of Dive: Drift/Wall
  • Difficulty: Medium


Santa Rosa Wall, Is one of the most spectacular wall dives in Cozumel. Gigantic towering pinnacles sit on the top of this vertical drop off, giving you the feeling that you are flying over the abyss.

One of the many unique features of Santa Rosa Walls, is that it is the only wall of it’s kind that you can penetrate through cavern passages, diving from the outside (deep) to the inside (shallow).

Large Green and Hawksbill Turtles are commonly found here, as well as Nudibranch’s, Pigmy Pipe Seahorse, Sharks, Eagle Rays and Tarpon


  • Depth (m): 10 – 22m
  • Depth (ft): 33 – 72ft
  • Dive Time: 35 – 45 min
  • Type of Dive: Wreck
  • Difficulty: Medium


The C53 Felipe Xicoténcatl was built in 1943 during World War II, and served as a US Navy mine sweeper in the battle of the Pacific.

Measuring 52m (184ft) long, 10m (33ft) wide and 12m (40ft) from keel to superstructure. Decommissioned in 1946, the C53 was sold to the Mexican Navy in 1962 and was converted into an Admiral-class gunboat. Named after General (Felipe Santiago Xicoténcatl), the C53 patrolled the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean Sea for 37 years, until she was decommissioned permanently in 1999 and donated to the marine park of Cozumel.

Teeming with Grouper’s, barracuda, Morey Eel’s, Southern Sting Ray’s and tropical fish, the C53 is a greatest artificial reef Cozumel has to offer


  • Depth (m): 12 – 16m
  • Depth (ft): 40 – 52ft
  • Dive Time: 45 – 65min
  • Type of Dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy


Yucab is a fantastic low lying reef, typically dove as the second dive.With generally gentle currents, Yucab is great place to have a long and relaxing dive, where you can see various different marine life. This is a great place for macro diver’s looking for various different species of Nudibranch’s and Seahorse. Due the large population of Lobsters, Yucab also has a thriving population of Nurse sharks that love to dine here


  • Depth (m): 12 – 20m
  • Depth (ft): 40 – 65ft
  • Dive Time: 45 – 60min
  • Type of Dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Tormentos is another truly amazing dive site located just North of Yucab. Also typically dove as the second dive, the reef is formed as a series of separated coral heads, great for seeking protection from the current and observe various marine species dancing around the reef. Healthy hard and soft corals create a vibrance of color that will capture you dive after dive.

This is another great reef for the macro photographer, where Nudibranch’s, Long Snout Seahorse, Pigmy Pipe Seahorse and Pederson Shrimps can all be found


  • Depth (m): 18 – 40m+
  • Depth (ft): 60 – 130ft+
  • Dive Time: 30 – 45min
  • Type of Dive: Drift/Wall
  • Difficulty: Medium/Diff


Punta Sur is by far the most spectacular dive in Cozumel. Located at the southern point of the Island, everything you are looking for in a deep dive is right here. This gargantuan reef is full of colossal pinnacle formations towering over the abyss like skyscrapers in a metropolitan city.

Most famous for the deep swim through know as the Devil’s Throat, located at the beginning of the fourth pinnacle, this cavern starts at around 25m (82ft) and spirals down and exits out onto the drop off at 38m (124ft).

Punta Sur is a great place to see Huge Turtles, Eagle Ray’s and Black tip Reef Shark


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